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Thank you,
KEEN FOOTWEAR for generously donating 8 pairs of Women’s Targhee II shoes for Jeana's 2012 walk in Europe.  Jeana depends on good, sturdy shoes for the hundreds of miles she logs.
Meet some of the people who work for the NMDP
(National Marrow Donor Program)
This is Adrian Haigh who works at Gentium.

Gentium is a pharmaceutical company in Italy that manufactures a drug called Defibrotide.
Defibrotide played a significant role in saving Jada's life.

Adrian ran a marathon on October 28, 2012 to raise money for the Jada Bascom Foundation.
CLICK HERE to read his comments after the run.
Jeana has written a children's book.  Click here to read about it and see how you can get your copy today!
The Jada Bascom Foundation celebrated the 5th Anniversary of
Jada's bone marrow transplant with a Bone Marrow Enrollment Tour.  We
were delighted to have Jada's donor, Torsten, and his wife, Michaela, join Jada and Jeana for the tour.  Magda Silva from Be The Match, the U.S. National Bone Marrow Registry, was also with us.  We held bone marrow donor drives across Montana, Idaho & Washington.and enrolled 233 potential new donors!
Click here for details

It only takes a cheek swab to find out if you are the match that can save a life, just like Torsten saved our Jada's life!

Go to, fill out the form.
The registry will mail your swab kit to you and it is free!
2012 school picture
Kyle, Jeana, Jada & Issa
Jada with her new baby brother,
Brant Morgan Mathews Bascom
Dec. 27, 2012, 10:06 am
9 lbs - 6oz, 21.5"
(a must read for everyone)
photo courtesy Brian J. Matis
click here to learn how he met her on Walk #1